6 Easy Flute Sheet Music to Become the Next Pop Star

Jellynote, your favourite sheet music platform, has curated a list of the top pop song arrangements to play on the flute. Whether you are looking for a love song to impress your crush on the first date, or you want to spice up the party with a rap cover, we have the sheet music! Read on to find a tutorial for every song we picked.

1. Kiss The Rain by Yiruma

It’s one of the songs you can’t help but listen to when you feel at peace. Yiruma’s the best of his kind, you can’t go wrong with him.

2. Alone by Alan Walker

This song has more than 1 billion views on Youtube! One of the most powerful pop/dance songs of the last decade.

Play Alone by Alan Walker on your flute

Watch Elia Scattolon, one of our Creators, perform his arrangement of Alone by Alan Walker.

3. Demons by Imagine Dragons

We’ve all been tortured by our demons. This song has such a strong meaning for us all. Imagine Dragons is a cure for those complicated moments in our lives.

Play Demons by Imagine Dragons on your flute

4. Fireworks by Katy Perry

A timeless pop song for you to drive everyone crazy at your next party.

Play Fireworks by Katy Perry on your flute

5. Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max

A fusion of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Marina and the Diamonds. Ultimate song to become the next pop star.

Play Sweet But Psycho by Ava Max on your flute

This is Elia Scattolon again, Jellynote Creator, performing his own arrangement of Sweet But Psycho

6. Telephone by Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé

Back in 2009, Lady Gaga smashed the pop charts with this terrific pop song featuring Queen B. The melody is so contagious, why don’t you try playing it on your flute?

Play Telephone by Lady Gaga on your flute

Let us know below in the comments, which sheet music for flute you chose!

Finally, here is a trick that every flutist at Jellynote should know:

If you can’t find an arrangement of your favourite song tailored to the flute, look for an arrangement for any woodwind instrument. Filter the search by ‘Woodwind’, and type the name of the song you are looking for. Once you have found it, transpose the sheet music into a higher key, to adjust for the flute. A Western concert flute covers most commonly the range of C4 – C7, so make sure your transposed sheet music doesn’t include music notes outside of this range.

flute range
Flute range (B3) C4 – C7 (F7)

Happy playing!

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