The 5 Best Spice Girls Songs to Sing Along to Right Now


Stop right there spice girls and boys, it’s been 23 years since the Spice Girls first stomped, twirled and peace-signed their way into our hearts with their début single Wannabe.

Check out the sheet music for Wannabe on drums and guitar. It’s super easy to play, suitable for even beginners. 

To mark the occasion Jellynote have put together a list of the most iconic Spice Girls songs, which we hope will spice up your day.

No 1: 2 Become 1

Who can forget singing along to this banger in the car, before a very concerned mother promptly switched to The Archers at the first mention of making love…The melody is beautiful and the girls’ voices seem to blend perfectly, especially Emma Bunton’s sweet soprano and Mel B’s sultry alto.

Also kudos to the Spice Girls for encouraging safe sex with the important (albeit clumsy) lyric: “Be a little bit wiser baby / Put it on, put it on”.

Enjoy with: A glass of wine and a special someone…

Perfect for: Setting the mood before getting deeper and down…

No 2: Viva Forever

Viva Forever was something completely unexpected. In contrast with the other songs in the Spice Girls’ repertoire, upbeat melodies, with lyrics about sex, men and the enduring nature of friendship, Viva Forever is a wistful and melancholic look at saying goodbye.

While the lyrics are powerful “Viva forever, I’ll be waiting / Everlasting, like the sun”, this song is rendered all the more poignant by Geri Halliwell’s abrupt departure from the group, and all the more unforgettable by that insane music video (Who approved this? Was he high? We demand to know!)

Enjoy with: A box of tissues

Perfect for: Saying goodbye to an old friend…

No 3: Spice Up Your Life

Spice Up Your Life proved that the Spice Girls were so much more than a passing craze. They were a way of life.

The song epitomised what made the Spice Girls a cultural phenomenon; they were by no means the best singers, but they had something utterly unique, possessing more spunk and pluck than a Jane Austen heroin and a Duracell Bunny combined.

Enjoy with: Your classiest dress, cutest pig-tails, trendiest trainers, fiercest attitude and a Union Jack proudly plastered across your chest.

Perfect for: Any gay club. Play it and everyone will lose their shit.

No 4: Too much

While lacking the same hit status as some of the other songs on the list, Too Much should be praised nonetheless for its seductive lyrics, sexy base and gritty vocals, particularly Mel C who handles all the difficult parts of the song with total ease.

Lest we forget Victoria Beckham’s finger waving, a staple dance move of any night club and a sure-fire way of getting that creepy guy to stop grinding on you.

Enjoy with: Sass. Lots of it.

Perfect for: Ending a particularly messy relationship…

No 5: Wannabe

A relatively simple song with a powerful message about female friendship, Wannabe rightly deserves its place as the best-selling single by a girl group of all time and number one on this list. And while it may have accidentally justified a generation of men’s adulterous actions with the lyric, “You gotta get with my friends…”, it is truly an anthem. There isn’t a woman or gay man in the world who can’t deliver Mel B’s rap flawlessly.

The song took the world by storm and showed us that the Spice Girls were more than your average pop group. 23 years later, we’re still struggling to get that chorus out of our heads.

Enjoy with: Your closest friends.

Perfect for: Nights out, nights in, tea parties, graduations, bat mitzvahs, weddings, funerals, anything really…

In the mood for some more iconic 90s girlbands? Check out our sheet music for TLC’S Waterfalls on Jellynote.

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