Zornik is a Belgian rock band, from Zonhoven, which gained a fair amount of mainstream attention. It was formed in 1999 by Koen Buyse (singer and guitarist), Marijn Horemans (drums) and Kristof Vanduren (bass). In 2003, Kristof decided to leave the band. For the summer festival shows, he was replaced by Bas Remans (Millionaire) who also joined the band in the studio for the recordings of the second album. Although they're mostly known for their more poppy songs, their albums also show some great acoustic and harder rock songs. Read more on Last.fm
Blinded by the Diamonds
Shiver When They Shine
My Friend My Stranger
Too Soon
Here & Now
Friends @ 03:46 Am
Holding Back
Who's Running?
Pins and Needles
The One That Got Away
Satisfaction Kills Desire
I Want It All
Something in the Way
The Enemy
Final Curtain
Satisfaction Kills Desire
It All Comes Back
Pin Me Down
More Than This
Wild Eyes
4 Million Minutes of Zornik
Killed in the End
Love Affair
The Situation
It's So Unreal
You're Moving So Slow
Hey Girl
Are You a Junkie?
You Move Me
Come on and Make Your Way
Save Me
It's So Unreal (Menage a Trois remix)
Love Affair (Cinerex remix)
I Feel Alright
Scared of Yourself (Peter Luts remix)
Keep Me Down
Black Hope Shot Down
The Backseat
Get Whatever You Want
Lost and Found
Black Hope Shot Down
The Backseat
Sad She Said
All of the Revisited
Fed Up
Fear in America
Staight to the Bone
There She Goes
Get Whatever You Want
I Will Never Be This Way
Alien Sweetheart
I Feel Alright
Believe in Me (acoustic)
Keep Me Down
Miracles (acoustic)
Monday Afternoon (acoustic)
Goodbye (acoustic)
Another Year
Scared of Yourself (acoustic)
Are You a Junkie?
Wake Up
Things Are Changing
So Much More to Come
Hate - Like
Q's No A's
One-Armed Bandit
Monday Afternoon
Chews You Up, Spits You Out
The Place (6 Down, 6 to Go)
Better Off Without You
We Are Lost
What's Wrong?
Dreams Don't Come Easy
The Place Where You Will Find Us
Hey Girl
Once Again
This Song Is Just for You
The Demons You Have Liked
Instru 7 Turns 15
You Move Me
Love Affair (album edit)
Wasting Time
Go Your Way
King of the Town
Hey Girl