There are at least seven artists with this name: 1. WAR were a popular funk group of the '70s. They mixed soul, jazz, blues, reggae, Latin and rock influences in their music. They had a very recognizable sound, due to their mix of harmonica, horns, guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals. WAR was initially formed in 1969 from a band called Nightshift to jam while Eric Burdon free-associated lyrics. They released two albums under Burdon's name, the first of which contained the hit Spill the Wine. Read more on Last.fm
That L.A. Sunshine
All Day Music
Slippin' Into Darkness
It's Our Right / Funky Tonk
The World Is a Ghetto
Just Like Us
The Cisco Kid
Gypsy Man
Scream Stream
Me and Baby Brother
This Funky Music
Southern Part of Texas
Outer Space
Why Can't We Be Friends?
War / War After War (A Soldier's Story)
Low Rider
It's My Life
That L.A. Sunshine
Peace Sign
Peace Sign
East L.A.
Wild Rodriguez
I'm the One (Who Understands)
Smuggler (The Light in the Window)
U B O.K.
Let Me Tell You
Smile for Me
What If
Homeless Hero
Platinum Jazz
War Is Coming, War Is Coming
Slowly We Walk Together
Platinum Jazz
I Got You
L.A. Sunshine
River Niger
City, Country, City
Smile Happy
Deliver the Word
Nappy Head
Four Cornered Room
Life (Is So Strange)
Life (Is So Strange)
W.W. III (medley): a. The Dawning of Night / b. Waiting at the Church / c. When the Nighttime Comes
Shake It Down
Summer Dreams
U-2 (medley): a. U-2 (part 1) / b. Automatic Eyes / c. U-2 (part 2) / d. U-2 (part 3)
The Music Band - Jazz
Five Spot
Half Note
Koronos - Sometimes I Wonder - A Pattern of Time
Cinco De Mayo
The Jungle
Just Because
Baby, It's Cold Outside
I'm About Somebody
You Got the Power
Cinco De Mayo
The Music Band 2
Don't Take It Away
I'll Be Around
I'll Take Care of You
Night People
The Music Band 2 (We Are the Music Band)
The Music Band
The Music Band
Corns & Callouses (Hey Dr. Shoals)
I'm the One Who Understands
Good, Good Feelin' (Original Un-Cut Disco mix)
All Around the World
Youngblood (Livin' in the Streets)
Sing a Happy Song
Keep on Doin'
The Kingsmen Sign
Walking to War
This Funky Music Makes You Feel Good
Junk Yard
Youngblood & Sybil
Flying Machine (The Chase)
Searching for Youngblood & Rommel
Youngblood (Livin' in the Streets) (reprise)
Baby Face (She Said Do Do Do Do)
Sweet Fighting Lady
Hey Senorita
The Seven Tin Soldiers
Love Is All Around
Love Is All Around
Tobacco Road
Home Dream
Magic Mountain
A Day in the Life
Paint It Black Medley (live): Black on Black in Black / Paint It Black/ Laurel & Hardy / Blackbird
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Deliver the Word
H2 Overture
In Your Eyes
Gypsy Man
Me and Baby Brother
Deliver the Word
Southern Part of Texas
The World Is a Ghetto
The Cisco Kid
Where Was You At
City, Country, City
Four Cornered Room
The World Is a Ghetto
Beetles in the Bog
Son Oh Son
Lonely Feelin'
Back Home
War Drums
Fidel's Fantasy
All Day Music
All Day Music
Get Down
That's What Love Will Do
There Must Be a Reason
Nappy Head (Theme From Ghetto Man)
Slippin' Into Darkness
Baby Brother
The Black-Man's Burdon
Paint It Black Medley: Black on Black in Black / Paint It Black / Laurel & Hardy / Pintelo Negro / P.C. 3 / Blackbird
Sun / Moon
Pretty Colors
Beautiful New Born Child
Nights in White Satin I
The Bird & the Squirrel
Bare Back Ride
Nuts, Seeds & Life
Home Cookin'
Out of Nowhere
They Can't Take Away Our Music
Nights in White Satin II
Eric Burdon Declares "War"
The Vision of Rassan: Dedication / Roll On Kirk
Tobacco Road: Tobacco Road / I Have a Dream / Tobacco Road
Spill the Wine
Blues for Memphis Slim: Birth / Mother Earth / Mr. Charlie / Danish Pastry / Mother Earth
You're No Stranger