Twilightning was formed in 1998 in Imatra, Finland. The original line-up consisted of four members: Tommi Sartanen (gtr.voc., songwriter), Ville Wallenius (gtr., songwriter), Jussi Kainulainen (b) and Juha Leskinen (dr.). In February 1999 the band recorded their first demo at Astia studios in Lappeenranta and due to that the they played a handful of gigs mostly in their home town. A few months later Mikko Naukkarinen joined the band as a keyboard Read more on
Isolation Shell
Reflection of the Cuckoo
Pimps, Witches, Thieves & Bitches
The Gun
Not a Word
Consume Gap
With the Flow
Wounded & Withdrawn
Space of Disgrace
Rolling Heads
Sex Jail
Plague Overload
Train to Bedlam
Plague-House Puppet Show
Plague-House Puppet Show
Into Treason
The Fiend
Victim of Deceit
Painting the Blue Eyes
In the Fervor's Frontier
Fever Pitch
Diamonds of Mankind
Riot Race
Lubricious Thoughts
Goddess of Fortune
Wind-Up Toy