There are several bands who share the same name: 1) A Norwegian black metal band. It was founded in 1992, when 14-year-old Stian André Hinderson (Arnesen) aka Nagash (Lex Icon for The Kovenant) started writing music with Glaurung and Fafnir. When Glaurung and Fafnir left the project, Nagash continued Troll as a solo project and released Trollstorm over Nidingjuv in 1995 and Drep de Kristne in 1996. The latter album (the title means "Kill the Christians") had an emphasis on anti-Christian lyrics. Read more on

Most popular scores

Neo-Satanic Supremacy
Til helvete med alt
Alt for satan
Gå til krig
Burn the Witch
Mörkets skoger
Hvor tåken ligger så trist og grå
Neo-Satanic Supremacy
At the Gates of Hell
Smertens rike
The Age of Satan
Intro: My Sulphur Lover
Rex Lamictal
Sannhetens plagiat
President Besters Alimony
Intermission 666
Entering the Fluid Oxygen
Color of Evil
Fields of a New Sun
Outro: Please the Pain
The Last Predators
Bastards Last Breath (intro)
Fall of the Marbeled Galaxy
Seierens stråler
Mending the Instincts
Colony X-11: Inflict Mythical Mayhem
My Glance Into the Narrow Room
Eyes as in I
A.T. the Riddle
The Last Predators
Frelserens visjoner
Drep de kristne
Naar solen blekner bort
Med vold skal takes kristenliv
I saler av sten
Guds fall
Drep de kristne
Trollstorm over Nidingjuv
Naar natten endelig er her
Trollstorm over Nidingjuv
Over daudens kolde mark
I et hedensk land