Tommy Tutone

Tommy Tutone is a new wave/power pop band, best known for the 80s rock hit "867-5309/Jenny" (also known by other names such as "867-5309"). The band is often called a typical example of a "one-hit wonder", since their other tracks never had the same chart success (although they received much airplay). Other songs include "Angel Say No" (which hit #38 on the Billboard Hot 40) and "Teen Angel Eyes" (part of the soundtrack to 'The Last American Virgin'). The group disbanded in the mid-80s after a brief run of success but returned in the mid-90s. Read more on
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Young Love
Jenny's Calling
The Grifter's Prayer
Our Special Place
Happy Birthday, Anyway
A Little Bit Of Heaven - (And A Whole Lot Of Hell)
The World Ain't Flat
Lynn's Song
Forever's Too Far Away
I'm Still With You
Once You Start Walking
Everybody Else Is Wrong
Nervous Love
A Long Time Ago
Once You Start Walking
I Wake Up In Heaven
Another Slow Dance
Our Special Place
Marincy, Arizona
Nervous Love
Mr. Hold Up Man
The Far Side Of The Bed
Reach Out and Touch Her
National Emotion
Dumb But Pretty
Someday Will Come
National Emotion
Get Around Girl
I Believe
Money Talks
Imaginary Heart
Sticks and Stones
I Wanna Touch Her
Tommy Tutone 2
Baby It's Alright
Shadow on the Road Ahead
Why Baby Why
Which Man Are You
No Way to Cry
Steal Away
Only One
Not Say Goodbye
Tommy Tutone
Angel Say No
Cheap Date
Girl in the Back Seat
The Blame
Fat Chance
Dancing Girl
Hide Out
What 'cha Doin' to Me
Am I Supposed to Lie
Sounds of a Summer Night