Tokyo Dragons

Tokyo Dragons are a London based hard rock band. They have achieved success in the UK and worldwide after having released a successful album and touring with bands such as Status Quo, Do Me Bad Things and Winnebago Deal. They first became known when appearing on an MTV2 programme in which four bands competed to win a recording contract. Their first single, Teenage Screamers, released June 2004, reached number 61 in the UK Singles Chart and 5 in the UK Rock Chart. Read more on
Come on Baby
Come on Baby
High on Hate
Everybody That's Right
This Means War
Get Em Off (live)
Johnny Don't Wanna Ride (live)
Come on Baby (live)
Give Me the Fear
What the Hell
Get 'Em Off
Do You Wanna?
Come on Baby
Let It Go
Johnny Don't Wanna Ride
Ready or Not
Burn On
Chasing the Night