Tim Christensen

Tim Christensen is a Danish singer-songwriter from Copenhagen, born July 2nd in 1974. He is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, and more notably a talented composer and producer. He is artist since 1982 and the former member of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, but since they disbanded in 1998 he has launched a solo career, with now three full length albums and one live album/dvd in his name. Backing him, both live and in the studio, are 3 very talented musicians: Lars Skjærbæk (guitar, keyboards), Nicolai Munch-Hansen (bass) and Olaf Olsen (drums). Read more on Last.fm
Side Effects
Bringing Back Tomorrow
Chasing Comets
Side Effects
Fact-Fiction / Silverflame (Mash-up)
Tim Christensen and the Damn Crystals
Happy Ever After
Love and Water
I'll Let You Know
All Them Losers
Far Beyond Driven
Million Miles Away
Reach Out
Never Be One Until We're Two