The Vines

The Vines are an Australian alternative rock band originally formed as Rishikesh in 1994 in Sydney. They play a musical hybrid of 1960s garage rock and 1990s alternative music. Until 2011, their line-up consisted of vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls, rhythm guitarist Ryan Griffiths, bass guitarist Brad Heald, and drummer Hamish Rosser. In December of 2011, former Channel V presenter Jane Gazzo confirmed via Twitter that Griffiths and Rosser had been "sacked" from the band. Read more on
Wicked Nature
Metal Zone
Love Is Gone
Green Utopia
Slightly Alien
Everything Else
Killin the Planet
Fly Away
Anything You Say
Venus Fly Trap
Girl I Want
Good Enough
Out the Loop
Darkest Shadow
Rave It
Funny Thing
Wicked Nature
Into the Fire
Future Primitive
Gimme Love
Candy Flippin' Girl
Weird Animals
Future Primitive
Riverview Avenue
Black Dragon
All That You Do
Winning Days
Winning Days
Winning Days
Landslide (Demo)
Ride (XFM Live Session Version)
Highly Evolved