The Stranglers

The Stranglers are a rock music group, formed on September 11, 1974 in Guildford, Surrey, England, United Kingdom. They were originally called The Guildford Stranglers and operated from an off-licence in the town. They also based themselves in the nearby village of Chiddingfold for a while. Original personnel were singer/guitarist Hugh Cornwell (from Kentish Town, London), keyboardist/guitarist Hans Wärmling (from Sweden, replaced within two years by Brighton-born keyboardist Dave Greenfield) Read more on
Another Camden Afternoon
Freedom Is Insane
Boom Boom
My Fickle Resolve
Time Was Once on My Side
Adios (Tango)
15 Steps
Suite XVI
She's Slipping Away
Summat Outanowt
Anything Can Happen
See Me Coming
Bless You (Save You, Spare You, Damn You)
A Soldier's Diary
Barbara (Shangri-La)
Written in Red
In Heaven She Walks
In a While
Silver Into Blue
Blue Sky
Joy De Viva
Miss You
Daddy's Riding the Range
Summer in the City
Wonderful Land
Coup de Grace
God Is Good
You Dont Think That What You've Done Is Wrong
Jump Over My Shadow
Miss You
Coup de Grace
In the End
No Reason
Known Only Unto God
The Light
About Time
Little Blue Lies
Still Life
Paradise Row
She Gave It All
Lies and Deception
Lucky Finger
And the Boat Sails By
Stranglers in the Night
Time to Die
Sugar Bullets
Heaven or Hell
Laughing at the Rain
This Town
Southern Mountains
Gain Entry to Your Soul
Grand Canyon
Wet Afternoon
Never See
Leave It to the Dogs
Sweet Smell of Success
Someone Like You
In This Place
Let’s Celebrate
Man of the Earth
Too Many Teardrops
Where I Live
Out of My Mind
Never to Look Back
The 12" Tape
The Gospel According to the Meninblack
Just Like Nothing on Earth
Second Coming
Waiting for the Meninblack
Turn the Centuries, Turn
Two Sunspots
Four Horsemen
Thrown Away
Manna Machine
Hallow to Our Men
La Folie
Non Stop
Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
Let Me Introduce You to the Family
Ain’t Nothin’ to It
The Man They Love to Hate
Pin Up
It Only Takes Two to Tango
How to Find True Love and Happiness in the Present Day
La Folie
Do the European
Don't Bring Harry
Don't Bring Harry
Crabs (live)
In the Shadows (live)
Black and White
Outside Tokyo
Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)
Hey! (Rise of the Robots)
Toiler on the Sea
Do You Wanna?
Death and Night and Blood (Yukio)
In the Shadows
Enough Time
The Stranglers
Something Better Change
Straighten Out
(Get a) Grip (On Yourself)
Hanging Around