The Servant

N.B.: Currently, is mistakenly correcting submissions for 70s/80s rock band Servant. This is a different band than The Servant. The Servant was a London-based alternative band who were popular in Britain, France and Italy, as well as other European countries. In November 2007, the band announced through their MySpace blog that they were to split up. Their singles include Orchestra, Liquefy, Cells, and How to Destroy a Relationship. They share the singer, Dan Black, with Planet Funk. Read more on
How to Destroy a Relationship
How to Destroy a Relationship
Sleep Deprivation
Hey Lou Reed
Save Me Now
Hey Do You Feel Good?
(I Should Be Your) Girlfriend
I Wish I Could Stop Wishing for Things
On Your Knees Kid
Out of Phase
With the Invisible
Milk Chocolate
In a Public Place
The Entire Universe
Driving at Night
She Cursed Me
The Apes and the Chimpanzees
Dripping on Your Maths
Too Late
Walking Through Gardens
Tangled Up in Headphone Lead