The Samuel Jackson Five

The Samuel Jackson Five is a band from Oslo, Norway, that play rock music with a slight folk, indie, math, hardcore, jazz, kraut, post-rock and progrock influence. Thomas Kaldhol: Guitar, Mandolin Stian Tangerud: Drums, Percussion, Sampler Sigmund Bade: Bass, Keys, Guitars, Percussion Jonny Knutsen: Guitar, Keys, Lap-Steel, Singing Thomas Meidell: Guitar, Keys, Electronics, Percussion, Singing They have released four albums, Same Same But Different (2004) Read more on
Seasons in the Hum
Last Days of Disco in Etnedal
Old Country for No Men
Third Ear Listening Exercise
Mount Whateverest
Tremulous Summer Knights
Mid-Fi Winter Wonderland
Vardebu, 960 Moh
Let's Build a Sandcastle
The Samuel Jackson Five
Never-Ending Now
Electric Crayons
Radio Gagarin
What Floats Her Boat
Ten Crept In
A Perennial Candidate
Tremulous Silence
And Then We Met the Locals
Low Entropy
Goodbye Melody Mountain
Face the Fax
Hey Now, Who Really Cares
After the Avalanche
Eye Eat Lotus
Goodbye Melody Mountain
So Many Cowboys, So Few Indians
Slow Motion Simulator
How to Evade Your Obsessive Shadow
Easily Misunderstood
Skinflick Dress Rehearsal
If You Show Off the Milk, Who's Gonna Buy the Cow?
Easily Misunderstood
Charlie Foxtrot Queen
Person Most Likely to Enjoy the Taste of Human Flesh
No Name
Song for Sarah
Psycho Derelict
Michael Collins Autograph
Switch Ambulance Trip
Same Same but Different
Counting Sheep
Locust Lowtalker
Clubbers Dream
Sing Slow, Walk Fast
Honest Abe
Same Same but Different
Postman's Joke
Britney Spears 4 President