The Outfield

The Outfield was an arena rock-influenced British pop rock/power pop power trio based in the East End of London, England. Its members were bassist/singer Tony Lewis, guitarist/keyboardist and songwriter John Spinks, and drummer Alan Jackman. Originally known as the 'Baseball Boys' before singing with Columbia/CBS Records in 1984, the guys were unusual for a British band in that they enjoyed commercial success in the U.S. with new wave hits such as Read more on
Aladdin's Cave
California Sun
A Long, Long Time Ago
In Your Company
Who Would You Be?
Shake Your Thing
New York City
Call It Out
Disraeli Years
Any Time Now
This Love Affair
Give It All You Got
It's All About Love
Slow Motion (original mix)
There She Goes
The Sound of Love
Heaven's Little Angel (groove mix)
No Fear
To Be With You
Seven Days
My Only Friend
Same Old Story
Two Hearts
Broken Heart
Tiny Lights (new millennium mix)
Rainbows End
Extra Innings
Heaven's Little Angel
Lay Down
Certain Kinda' Love
Kiss the Rain
Girl of Mine
Midnight Moves
Dance the Night Away
Slow Motion
Talking 'bout Us
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
One Love
It's a Crime
Chic Lorraine
Out to Lunch
They Can't Knock You Down Again
It Ain't Over
Kiss the Rain
Girl of Mine
It Ain't Over
Midnight Moves
Dance (the Night Away)
Lay Down
Slow Motion
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
Talking 'Bout Us
It's a Crime
Chic Lorraine
Out to Lunch
Closer to Me
The Way It Should Be
Under a Stone
Young Love
Take Me Home
Tonight You're Mine
On the Line
Stranger in My Own Town
Going Back
Diamond Days
Take It All
Eye to Eye
For You
John Lennon
Magic Seed
Burning Blue
Raintown Boys
One Night in Heaven
After the Storm
Voices of Babylon
Part of Your Life
Shelter Me
The Night Ain't Over
No Point
Taken by Surprise
Reach Out
Makin' Up
Inside Your Skin
Somewhere in America
Bangin' on My Heart
No Surrender
Moving Target
Long Way Home
Main Attraction
Better Than Nothing