The Old Dead Tree

Since its creation in 1997, Paris, France by Manuel Munoz (Vocals, Guitars) and Nicolas Chevrollier (Guitars), The Old Dead Tree always stood apart in the current European metal scene thanks to its unique musical identity: a style which combines extreme metal and dark rock / pop with exceptional vocals, gliding from one style to the next. By 1999, this was already clearly evident, when Frédéric Guillemot (Drums) and Vincent Danhier (Bass) decided to join and secure the line-up. Read more on
The Water Fields
Don't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)
What's Done Is Done
The Water Fields
Is Your Soul for Sale?
A Distant Light Was Shining
Regarding Kate
Rise to the Occasion
This Is Now Farewell
The Perpetual Motion
Out of Breath
I Can't Get Rid of It
What Else Could We've Said?
So Be It!
Everyday Life
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
By the Way
My Friends
Even If
The Knock Out Song
This Is No Farewell