The Matches

Straight out of Oakland, the Matches set the California music scene on fire thanks to twelve explosive, hook-injected songs recorded on the cheap in their basements and living rooms. Coupled with an unstoppable work ethic that included the band's very own "Commotion Promotion" tactics, buzz on the quartet's self-released debut E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals and the live shows that supported it spread like a virus to music enthusiasts up and down the Golden State and, as they toured small venues relentlessly, across the country. Read more on
The Matches album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed?
It's My Day
Wicked Walk
Like Yesterday
Here's to Love (Acoustic)
I Tried (So Hard)
50 Altered States
If Nothing Else
Nothing's Going On
My Doe, Part 1 (Acoustic)
Little Maggots
What Katie Said
Sunburn vs. The Rhinovirus
Lazier Than Furniture
Didi (My Doe, Part 2)
You (Don't) Know Me
My Soft & Deep
Shoot Me in the Smile
The Barber's Unhappiness
Takeover Records: 3 Way Issue # 2
Number 7
At the Seam
Now Rectify
I Play the Sensitive Songwriter Card
We're All Gonna Die
A Girl I Know
Sick Little Suicide (acoustic)
Shoot Me in the Smile