The March Violets

The band started in 1982 as one of Leeds' four famous 'drum machine bands'. The other three being Merciful Release labelmatesThe Sisters Of Mercy, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and The Three Johns. Fronted by the two pronged attack of dual vocalists Simon D and Rosie Garland, the band built a large and loyal following throughout the UK and Europe. They released five singles/EP's, first on Merciful Release then on their own Rebirth label...culminating in the successful indie chart topping Snakedance and Walk Into The Sun. Read more on
Made Glorious
Made Glorious
A Room With No View
Of Roses
Tokyo Flow
Ramming Speed
Little Punk Thing
Dandelion King
London’s Drowning
We Are All Gods III
Road of Bones
Discoboy Must Die
Dress 4 U
Bottle of Poison
My Demons
Love Will Kill You
Road of Bones
London's Drowning
Dandelion King
A Little Punk Thing
We Are All Gods II
Electric Shades
Snake Dance
Slow Drip Lizzard
Walk Into the Sun
Electric Shades, Part I
Electric Shades, Part II: The Lights Go Out
Electric Shades, Part III: Essence
Natural History
Religious as Hell
Children on Stun
Grooving in Green
Radiant Boys
Crow Baby
One Two I Love You
Snake Dance