The Jealous Sound

The Jealous Sound is a Los Angeles indie rock band composed of vocalist and guitarist Blair Shehan (formerly of Knapsack), guitarist Pedro Benito (formerly Sunday's Best), bassist John McGinnis, and drummer Adam Wade. Their first album The Jealous Sound EP was released in 2000. In 2003 they shopped around their demos for a follow-up to their 2000 release The Jealous Sound EP and were set to release an album on Mojo Records. Soon after their signing, Mojo parted ways with Universal leaving them without a distribution deal. Read more on
A Gentle Reminder
Beautiful Morning
Change You
Promise of the West
Your Eyes Were Shining
This Is Where It Starts
Here Comes the Ride
Perfect Timing
A Gentle Reminder
Waiting for Your Arrival
Got Friends
Got Friends
Turning Around
Broad Shoulders
Got Friends (Figurine remix)
Got Friends (J. McGinnis remix)
Kill Them with Kindness
Anxious Arms
The Gift Horse
Does That Make Sense
Guard It Closely
For Once in Your Life
Abandon! Abandon!
Recovery Room
Above the Waves
The Jealous Sound
What's Wrong Is Everywhere
Bitter Strings
Quiet Life
Anxious Arms