The Hollies

The Hollies are a well-respected British beat and rock and roll band that formed in the early 60s. Initially they had a squeaky-clean image and were famous for their rich vocal harmonies, rivaling those of The Beach Boys. Between 1964 and 1969, only two Hollies songs failed to reach the UK Top 10. Their most famous member was Graham Nash, who left in 1968 to form the folk supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash. Two of the core members, drummer Bobby Elliott and lead guitarist Tony Hicks, still perform with The Hollies into the new millennium. Read more on
Then, Now, Always
Then, Now, Always (Dolphin Days)
If You See Her
One Touch
Coming Home
One Way Ticket
Hearts Don't Lie
Russian Roulette
Wiggle That Wotsit
48 Hour Parole
Thanks for the Memories
My Love
Lady of the Night
Russian Roulette
Draggin' My Heels
Daddy Don't Mind
Draggin' My Heels (disco mix version)
Another Night
4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
Second Hand Hangups
Time Machine Jive
I'm Down
Look Out Johnny
You Gave Me Life (With That Look in Your Eyes)
Another Night (live)
Sandy (4th of July Asbury Park) (live)
I'm Down (live)
Come Down to the Shore
Born to Run / Allan Clarke With the Hollies
Why Don't You Call / Allan Clarke
What Goes Around...
Take My Love and Run
Say You'll Be Mine
Something Ain't Right
Stop in the Name of Love
I Got What I Want
Someone Else's Eyes
Having a Good Time
Buddy Holly
Peggy Sue
Love's Made a Fool of You
Take Your Time
Tell Me How
Think It Over
Maybe Baby
Midnight Shift
I'm Gonna Love You Too
Peggy Sue Got Married
What to Do
That'll Be the Day
It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Five Three One-Double Seven O Four
Say It Ain't So, Jo
Maybe It's Dawn
Song of the Sun
When I'm Yours
Something to Live For
Stormy Waters
Boys in the Band
Satellite Three
It's in Everyone of Us
A Crazy Steal
Writing on the Wall
What Am I Gonna Do
Let It Pour
Burn Out
Hello to Romance
Boulder to Birmingham
Clown Service
Feet on the Ground
Out on the Road
Out on the Road
A Better Place
They Don't Realise I'm Down
The Last Wind
Mr. Heartbreaker
I Was Born a Man
Slow Down - Go Down
Don't Leave the Child Alone
Nearer to You
Pick Up the Pieces
Trans-Atlantic West Bound Jet (#1)
Won't You Feel Good That Morning
Words Don't Come Easy
Lizzy and the Rainman
Down River
Slow Down
Delaware Tagget and the Outlaw Boys
Jesus Was a Crossmaker
Blue in the Morning
Courage of Your Convictions
Confessions of the Mind
Survival of the Fittest
Little Girl
Isn't It Nice
Perfect Lady Housewife
Confessions of a Mind
Lady Please
Frightened Lady
I Wanna Shout
Hollies Sing Hollies
Why Didn't You Believe
Don't Give Up Easily
Look at Life
Please Sign Your Letters
Please Let Me Please
Do You Believe in Love?
Marigold / Gloria Swansong
You Love 'cos You Like It
Reflections of a Long Times Past
Goodbye Tomorrow
Hollies Sing Dylan
Would You Believe?
I Take What I Want
Hard Hard Year
That's How Strong My Love Is
Sweet Little Sixteen
Oriental Sadness
I Am a Rock
Don't You Even Care (What's Gonna Happen to Me)
Fifi the Flea
I've Got a Way of My Own
For Certain Because...
You Must Believe Me
Put Yourself in My Place
Down the Line
That's My Desire
Lawdy Miss Clawdy
When I Come Home to You
Fortune Teller
So Lonely
I've Been Wrong
Mickey's Monkey
Stay With the Hollies
I'm Talking About You
Mr. Moonlight
You Better Move On
Baby Don't Cry
Rockin' Robin
What'cha Gonna Do 'Bout It?
Do You Love Me
It's Only Make Believe
What Kind of Girl Are You
Little Lover
Candy Man
In the Hollies Style
Nitty Gritty / Something's Got a Hold on Me
Don't You Know
It's in Her Kiss
Too Much Monkey Business
Please Don't Feel Too Bad
You'll Be Mine
Set Me Free
King Midas in Reverse