The Fixx

The Fixx is a British new wave band that formed in 1980. Envisioned by college friends Cy Curnin (vocals) and Adam Woods (drums), the pair soon placed an ad for additional members. Jamie West-Oram (guitar), Rupert Greenall (keyboards) and Charlie Barret (bass) joined the band as a result. Barret left after the first album and was replaced by Dan K. Brown. The Fixx are perhaps best remembered for their song "One Thing Leads To Another", from what has been their most successful album, 1983's 'Reach the Beach'. Read more on
Beautiful Friction
Anyone Else
Just Before Dawn
Take a Risk
Beautiful Friction
What God?
Second Time Around
Follow That Cab
Something Ahead of You
Girl With No Ceiling
Small Thoughts
Want That Life
You Don't Have to Prove Yourself
Are You Satisfied?
Want That Life
We Don't Own the World
No Hollywood Ending
Straight 'Round the Bend
Roger and Out
Taking the Long Way Home
Happy Landings and Lost Tracks
Modern World
Going Without
Free Man
Ocean Blue
We Once Held Hands
Sweet Pandemonium
Happy Landings
1011 Woodland
Driven Out
Saved by Zero (live)
Lost Planes (live)
Woman on a Train
Precious Stone (live)
Still Around (live)
Two Different Views (live)
Cameras in Paris
Red Skies (live)
One Thing Leads to Another (live)
One Jungle
Deeper and Deeper (live)
I Will
Two Different Views
Going Without
Is That It?
Happy Landings
Silent House
Fatal Shore
Ocean Blue
You Know Me
We Once Held Hands
Life's What's Killing Me
Missing Links
Sinking Island
Stand or Fall
Pushing Myself
Digging Up the Rock
I've Been Here Before
Do What You Can
Red Skies
Crystal Ice Dub
Venture Out
Two Different Views (original version)
Going Without (original version)
Shut It Out
How Much Is Enough?
No One Has to Cry
All Is Fair
One Jungle
All the Best Things
Yesterday, Today
Still Around
Climb the Hill
Calm Animals
I'm Life
Driven Out
Precious Stone
Gypsy Feet
Calm Animals
Shred of Evidence
The Flow
World Weary
Cause to Be Alarmed
Secret Separation
Built for the Future
Treasure It
Chase the Fire
Can't Finish
One Look Up
Read Between the Lines
Sense the Adventure
Lose Face
Less Cities, More Moving People
Sunshine in the Shade
Woman on a Train
Lost in Battle Overseas
In Suspense
Facing the Wind
Are We Ourselves
I Will
Phantom Living
Shuttered Room
Some People
Cameras in Paris
Shuttered Room
The Fool
Lost Planes
I Live
Sinking Island
Time in a Glass