The Duskfall

The Duskfall are a melodic death metal band from Sweden created by Mikael Sandorf (Helltrain, Gates of Ishtar) in 2001. They have it all - the sheer power of finest thrash riffing, death metal grooves, and out-of-this-world haunting melodies. They released a demo in 2001, and 4 albums between 2001-07. They split-up in 2008 but have returned in 2014 for more! Formed by guitarist Mikael Sandorf in LuleƄ, Sweden during 2001, The Duskfall emerged from the ashes of the legendary but short-lived melodic death metal band Gates Of Ishtar. Read more on
Where the Tree Stands Dead
To the Pigs
I Can Kill You
Where the Tree Stands Dead
We the Freaks
Hate for Your God
The Charade
Burn Your Ghosts
We Bleed
The Dying Wonders of the World
Paradises Into Deserts
The Wheel and the Black Light
Deep in Your World
Some More Sin on My Burden
Shadows and Cancer
Bring Us Your Infected
Sealed With a Fist
I've Only Got Knives for You
Age of Errors
Poison the Waters
Farewell Song
Tune of Slaughtered Hearts
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