The Doobie Brothers

The Doobie Brothers are an American rock group, best known for hit singles like Black Water, China Grove, Listen to the Music, Long Train Runnin', and What a Fool Believes. They have sold over 22 million albums in the United States from the 1970s to the present. The Doobie Brothers were inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004. In 1969, singer, guitarist and songwriter Tom Johnston and drummer John Hartman formed the nucleus of what would become The Doobie Brothers. Read more on
World Gone Crazy
Far From Home
Young Man's Game
Don't Say Goodbye (featuring Michael mcDonald)
Old Juarez
I Know We Won (featuring Willie Nelson)
Law Dogs
Little Prayer
New York Dream
Sibling Rivalry
People Gotta Love Again
Leave My Heartache Behind
Ordinary Man
On Every Corner
Angels of Madness
45th Floor
Can't Stand to Lose
Higher Ground
Gates of Eden
Don't Be Afraid
Rocking Horse
Five Corners
Something You Said
Is Love Enough
Our Love
Divided Highway
Under the Spell
This Train I'm On
The Doctor
One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)
Take Me to the Highway
South of the Border
Time Is Here and Gone
Need a Little Taste of Love
I Can Read Your Mind
Tonight I'm Coming Through
Wrong Number
Too High a Price
One Step Closer
Dedicate This Heart
No Stoppin' Us Now
Thank You Love
One Step Closer
Keep This Train A-Rollin'
Just in Time
South Bay Strut
One by One
Introducing the Doobie Brothers
Quicksilver Princess
Make It Easy
Blue Jay
Coke Can Changes
Runaround Ways
Pauper's Diary
I'll Keep on Giving
By Yourself
Another Way
On Our Way Up
Tilted Park Crud Hunchery
Livin' on the Fault Line
You're Made That Way
Echoes of Love
Little Darling (I Need You)
You Belong to Me
Livin' on the Fault Line
Nothin' But a Heartache
There's a Light
Need a Lady
Larry the Logger Two-Step
The Doobie Brothers
Slippery St. Paul
Greenwood Creek
It Won't Be Right
Travelin' Man
Feelin' Down Farther
The Master
Growin' a Little Each Day
The Beehive State
Closer Every Day