The Bled

The Bled was a post-hardcore/mathcore band from Tucson, Arizona. Formed in 2001, they soon established a name for themselves in their home town, playing many shows and often to sold out audiences. Eventually they signed to Fiddler Records and released one album through them - Pass The Flask. The band toured extensively in support of this album. However, before recording started for their second album, original bass player, Mike Celi, left the band. Read more on
Heat Fetish
Running Through Walls
Need New Conspirators
Shouting Fire in a Crowded Room
Meet Me in the Bone Orchard
When Exiting Your Vehicle
Night Errors
Crawling Home
Silent Treatment
Shadetree Mechanics
You Should Be Ashamed of Myself
Threes Away
Asleep on the Frontlines
Platonic Sleepover Massacre
Starving Artiste
The Silver Lining
Some Just Vanish
Breathing Room Barricades
Beheaded My Way
My Bitter Half
The Bled
Ambulance Romance
John Wayne Newton
My Cyanide Catharsis
His First Crush
His First Crush
Swatting Flies With a Wrecking Ball
F Is for Forensics