Swallow the Sun

Swallow the Sun is a melodic death/doom metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. Swallow the Sun was formed in early 2000 by Juha Raivio, joined soon by Pasi Pasanen came along (both had played in Plutonium Orange). They rehearsed a couple of songs, one of them being "Through Her Silvery Body" which would end up on their first demo, Out of This Gloomy Light. In 2001 Markus Jämsen, whom Raivio and Pasanen already knew from their earlier bands, joined as a second guitarist Read more on Last.fm
Songs From the North I, II & III
With You Came the Whole of the World's Tears
The Womb of Winter
Gathering of Black Moths
10 Silver Bullets
The Heart of a Cold White Land
7 Hours Late
Rooms and Shadows
Empires of Loneliness
Heartstrings Shattering
Pray for the Winds to Come
Abandoned by the Light
Songs From the North
The Clouds Prepare for Battle
The Memory of Light
66°50'N, 28°40'E
Lost & Catatonic
Autumn Fire
From Happiness to Dust
Before the Summer Dies
Emerald Forest and the Blackbird
Plague of Butterflies / Out of This Gloomy Light
Losing the Sunsets / Plague of Butterflies / Evael 10:00
Through Her Silvery Body
Out of This Gloomy Light
Under the Waves