Supertramp are a British group playing a mix of progressive rock and pop rock that notably had a series of top-selling albums in the 70s, producing several hit singles. The band was formed in the United Kingdom in 1969. All the group's members were musicians capable of playing multiple types of instruments, including brass and woodwinds. Co-founder, composer and lead singer, Roger Hodgson left the band in 1983 to bring up his children. In 1988, Supertramp re-formed with some former members plus several new ones, and they continue to tour. Read more on
Slow Motion
Slow Motion
Little by Little
Broken Hearted
Over You
Tenth Avenue Breakdown
A Sting in the Tail
Bee in Your Bonnet
Dead Man's Blues
Some Things Never Change
It's a Hard World
You Win, I Lose
Get Your Act Together
Live to Love You
Some Things Never Change
Sooner or Later
Help Me Down That Road
And the Light
C'est What?
Where There's a Will
Free as a Bird
It's Alright
Not the Moment
It Doesn't Matter
Where I Stand
I'm Beggin' You
You Never Can Tell With Friends
Thing for You
An Awful Thing to Waste
Brother Where You Bound
Still in Love
Better Days
Brother Where You Bound
Ever Open Door
Ain’t Nobody but Me
The Logical Song
A Soapbox Opera
Bloody Well Right
Breakfast in America
Take the Long Way Home
You Started Laughing
Fool’s Overture
Hide in Your Shell
Two of Us
From Now On
Crime of the Century
Breakfast in America
Gone Hollywood
Casual Conversations
Crime of the Century
It's a Long Road
Aubade and I Am Not Like Other Birds of Prey
Words Unspoken
Maybe I'm a Beggar
Nothing to Show
Shadow Song
Try Again