Sun Caged

Sun Caged was formed in the spring of 1999. Operating as a studio project at first, the band members decided to transform Sun Caged into a full-time band when guitarist Marcel Coenen's band Lemur Voice broke up in the summer of 2000. After some demo releases between 2000 and 2002 the band signed a record deal with Finnish Lion Music for worldwide release of their debut album. Soon after, the band signed a contract with Marquee/Avalon Records for Japan. Read more on
The Lotus Effect
Seamripper (& The Blanket Statement)
Tip-Toe the Fault-Line
Ashes to Ear
Shades of Hades
Reductio Ad Absurdum
On Again / Off Again
Pareidolized (The Ocean in the Shell)
Wave the Banner
Fish Afraid of Drowning
Moebius Knot
Full Circle
Let It Wash Away (The Lotus Effect)