Sui Generis

One of the most important rock musicians in Latin America, Carlos Alberto García Moreno, better known as Charly García is a keyboardist, guitarist and singer-songwriter, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1951. A former member of the legendary bands Sui Generis (1972-1975), Porsuigieco (1976), La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros (1977-1978) and Serú Girán (1978-1982), García has behind him a 40-year musical career that includes these bands -and his solo work- that carries on to this day. Read more on
Si (Detrás de las paredes)
Sinfonías para adolecentes
Take Me for a Little While (Usame un Poquito Más)
Can We Still Be Friends (Yo Soy Tu Papá)
Her Town Too (Tu Pueblo También)
Todos Van a News Café
Mercy, Mercy (Ten Pena)
Here Without You (Aquí Sin Tu Amor)
Set You Free This Time (Aguante la Amistad)
Noveno 'b'
Digo de Vos
Be My Baby (Sé Mi Nena)