Spin Doctors

The Spin Doctors is a rock group from New York, USA, best known for its 1992 hits, "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong", which charted at #7 & #17 on the pop chart, respectively. The album that included those songs, 'Pocket Full of Kryptonite', sold poorly until MTV and radio began playing those singles. The album eventually went gold, receiving another boost in sales after the band appeared on Saturday Night Live in October 1992, and it ultimately sold five million copies in the U. Read more on Last.fm
If The River Was Whiskey
Some Other Man Instead
If The River Was Whiskey
Sweetest Portion
Traction Blues
Scotch And Water Blues
About A Train
The Drop
Ben's Looking Out The Window Blues
So Bad
What My Love?
Nice Talking to Me
Nice Talking to Me
Happily Ever After
I'd Like to Love You (But I Think You Might Be Crazy)
My Problem Now
Tonight You Could Steal Me Away
Safety Pin
Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride
Vampires in the Sun
Waiting for the Blow
The Man
Gone Mad
Siren Dress
Gorilla Boy
Key to the Kingdom
Fisherman's Delight
The Bigger I Laugh, the Harder I Cry
Dodging Assassins
Let's try again
You've Got to Believe in Something
You've Got to Believe in Something
Dogs on a Doe
She Used to Be Mine
She's Not You
To Make Me Blue
'Bout a Train
Where Angels Fear to Tread
If Wishes Were Horses
Sister Sisyphus
That's the Way (I Like It)