Sirenia is a gothic metal band from Stavanger, Norway. Sirenia came together in early 2001, when Morten Veland parted ways with his former band Tristania due to musical disagreements and personal differences. Sirenia combines strong melodic instrumentals, keyboard synthesis, and guitar works with light, female vocals (Fabienne Gondamin, Henriette Bordvik, Monika Pedersen, and currently Ailyn), male death vocals, and a choir. Current band members are Morten Veland (programming Read more on
Dim Days of Dolor
Goddess of the Sea
Dim Days of Dolor
The 12th Hour
Treasure n’ Treason
Cloud Nine
Veil of Winter
Ashes to Ashes
Elusive Sun
Playing With Fire
Fifth Column
Aeon’s Embrace
The Seventh Life Path
Once My Light
Sons of the North
Concealed Disdain
Contemptuous Quietus
The Silver Eye
Perils of the Deep Blue
Ducere me in lucem
Seven Widows Weep
My Destiny Coming to Pass
Ditt endelikt
Cold Caress
Stille kom døden
The Funeral March
Profound Scars
A Blizzard Is Storming
Blue Colleen
The Enigma of Life
Fallen Angel
All My Dreams
This Darkness
The Twilight in Your Eyes
Winter Land
A Seaside Serenade
Darkened Days to Come
Coming Down
Fading Star
The Enigma of Life
Oscura realidad
The Enigma of Life (acoustic version)
The 13th Floor
The Mind Maelstrom
The Seventh Summer
Beyond Life's Scenery
The Lucid Door
Led Astray
Winterborn 77
Sirens of the Seven Seas
Sirenian Shores
Sirenian Shores
Save Me From Myself (remix)
Meridian (acoustic)
First We Take Manhattan
Obire mortem