Shinedown is a Hard Rock band that originated in Jacksonville, Florida. Shinedown was formed in early 2002 by Brent Smith, Jasin Todd, Brad Stewart, and Barry Kerch. They were signed by Atlantic Records. On July 13, 2003, the band released their debut album Leave A Whisper. The album sold the popular singles "Fly From The Inside" and "45". Leave A Whisper was re-released on June 15, 2004, to capitalize on the strength of a new single: A cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man". Read more on
Threat to Survival
Asking for It
Cut the Cord
State of My Head
How Did You Love?
It All Adds Up
Thick as Thieves
Black Cadillac
The Warner Sound Live Room EP
Bully (The Live Room)
I'll Follow You (The Live Room)
Amaryllis (The Live Room)
Miracle (The Live Room)
I Feel the Earth Move (The Live Room)
I'm Not Alright
Nowhere Kids
iTunes Session
The Crow & the Butterfly (iTunes Session)
Breaking Inside (iTunes Session)
Sound of Madness (iTunes Session)
Second Chance (iTunes Session)
If You Only Knew (iTunes Session)
Call Me (iTunes Session)
What a Shame (iTunes Session)
Devour (iTunes Session)
The Crow & the Butterfly
The Crow & the Butterfly
The Crow & the Butterfly (Pull mix)
The Crow & the Butterfly
The Sound of Madness
The Crow & the Butterfly
Shinedown EP
I Dare You (acoustic version)
Save Me (acoustic version)
Save Me (Pull mix)