Shed Seven

Shed Seven are a band from York, England who formed in 1990 and are famed for their no nonsense good-time tunes and live shows. Their popularity peaked in the mid-1990's during the Britpop boom with their most popular songs, including Chasing Rainbows, Going For Gold, Getting Better and Disco Down, all reaching the Top 20 of the UK Singles Chart. The band split in December 2003, but not before a farewell tour which culminated in a final hometown show. Read more on
A Maximum High: 15th Anniversary Tour EP
On Standby (acoustic)
Going for Gold (acoustic)
Bully Boy (acoustic)
Chasing Rainbows (acoustic)
One Hand Clapping: The Unreleased Demos 2001-2003
Jeckyl and Hyde
Alarm Bells
Some People
A Love Song for a Mermaid
I Got Music
Sad Song #32
Wake Up Dead
Country Pub (Stay Till Morning)
Why Can't I Be You (demo)
Hanging on the Outside (live)
No One Wants to Know You When You're Down and Out (live)
Truth Be Told
If the Music Don't Move Yer
Eyes Before
Thinking Again
Be Myself
Laughter Lines
Never Felt So Cold
To the Wind
Love Equals
Step Inside Your Love
Let It Ride
Let It Ride
The Heroes
Half Way Home
She Left Me On Friday
A Hole
Drink Your Love
Stand Up And Be Counted
A Maximum High
Getting Better
Magic Streets
Where Have You Been Tonight?
Out by My Side
This Day Was Ours
Falling From the Sky
Bully Boy
Parallel Lines