Senses Fail

Senses Fail are a post-hardcore/alternative rock band formed in New Jersey in 2002. The band's original lineup consisted of James "Buddy" Nielsen, Dan Trapp, Dave Miller, Garrett Zablocki, and Mike Glita. The band released their debut EP From the Depths of Dreams with a limited 300 copy run on August 13, 2002, through ECA Records. It was then reissued through their new label Drive-Thru Records on April 29, 2003 with two bonus tracks, "Handguns and Second Chances" and "The Ground Folds (acoustic). Read more on
Pull the Thorns From Your Heart
The Three Marks of Existence
Carry the Weight
The Courage of an Open Heart
Take Refuge
Dying Words
The Importance of the Moment of Death
Pull the Thorns From Your Heart
We Are All Returning Home
My Fear of an Unlived Life
The Path
Ancient Tombs
Frost Flower
Snake Bite
Courage of the Knife
Between the Mountains and the Sea
Family Tradition
Wolves at the Door
Life Is Not a Waiting Room
Waiting Room Album Clips
Let It Enfold You
Slow Dance
Rum Is for Drinking, Not for Burning (acoustic)