Secret Machines

Secret Machines are a space rock band which formed in Dallas, Texas, United States in 2000. They consist of Brandon Curtis (vocals, bass, keyboards), Phil Karnats (guitar) and Josh Garza (drums). Benjamin Curtis, the band's founding guitarist and Brandon's brother, amicably left the band in mid-2007 to focus on his new band, the dream pop trio School of Seven Bells. Karnats and Benjamin Curtis were former members of the 90's alternative group Tripping Daisy, Garza of the space rock group Comet. Read more on
Secret Machines
Last Believer, Drop Dead
Have I Run Out
Underneath the Concrete
Now You're Gone
The Walls Are Starting to Crack
I Never Thought to Ask
The Fire Is Waiting
Ten Silver Drops
Alone, Jealous and Stoned
All at Once (It's Not Important)
Daddy's in the Doldrums
I Hate Pretending
Faded Lines
I Want to Know If It's Still Possible
1,000 Seconds
Morning Becomes Eclectic: Live at KCRW
Alone, Jealous and Stoned
The Road Leads Where It's Led
Lightning Blue Eyes
Faded Lines
Daddy's in the Doldrums
Now Here Is Nowhere
First Wave Intact
Sad and Lonely
The Leaves Are Gone
The Road Leads Where It's Led
Pharaoh's Daughter
You Are Chains
Light's On
Now Here Is Nowhere
September 000
Marconi's Radio
What Used to Be French
Still See You
It's a Bad Wind that Don't Blow Somebody Some Good
Marconi's Radio (Again)