Rough Silk

Rough Silk are a German power metal band, formed in 1989 and they have released seven studio and one best of album so far in their history. During 20 years of their career the band has defined their very unique sound which is best described by the band name Rough Silk: "Rough" stands for the real heavy (sometimes even thrash) metal influences and "Silk" for the unusual singer-songwriter elements and piano-parts, combining both to their very own brand of heavy but yet melodic metal. Read more on

Most popular scores

End of Infinity
Who Killed Vinyl?
Lucifers Hotel (Hang Over City)
Restless Hear
What If Darkness Was Brighter Than Light (Trans Destination)
My Little Friend
The Fiddler on the Skeleton Horse
Carry On
The End of Infinity
Mrs Jealousy & Mr Greed
Set Me Free
Dolly the Sheep Meets Frank the Stein Master
Symphony of Life
Symphony of Life
Suicide King & Chaos Queen
The Truth
Nice Day for a Funeral
The Opposite of Yes
Under the Guilliutine
Stories to Tell
Savannah (radio edit)
Nice Day for a Funeral (radio edit)
Beyond the Sundown
From Here to Eternity
Beyond the Sundown
Gods of Darkness
A Matter of Size
Face to Faith
Something to Believe In
When Life and Pain Unite
Where the Red Waters Flow
Never Loose Again '98
Mystery Bay
Subway Angel's Caravan
My Last Farewell
Dust to Sand
Stay Gold
Far From Home
The Day of the Loner
Wheels of Time
Walls of Never
Walls of Never
H8 What You Want
Somebody’s Out There
Toxical Roses
One More for the Ride
Gloria in Destiny
Never Loose Again
Missing You
Lust Is a Killer
Never Say Never
Don't Leave Me Now
The Clown
Circle of Pain
The End
Circle of Pain
Les Chiens de La Guerre
Life Goes On
When the Skunk's Got You Down
...and the Winds Scream in Anger
For Once in My Life
On the Wrong Side of the Moon
The Mysterious Boot Hill Grave Inscription
The Angel and the Raven
The Beginning
Roots of Hate
The Grapes of Wrath
Roots of Hate
The Deep of the Night
Calls to the World
When the Thunder Roars
Candle in the Rain
Cemetary Dawn
Sentimental Trust
Wasteland Serenader
Through the Fire
Ups and Downs
Eyes of a Stranger