There are two artists by the name of Rosana. Rosana Arbelo was born in Lanzarote in the Spanish Canary Islands off the northwestern coast of Africa. At age 20, she moved to Madrid where she studied music and guitar. In 1994, a song she composed won first prize at the Festival de Benidorm. From then on her compositions started to interest many other artists. In 1996, Rosana decided to start singing her own songs and released her first album, Lunas Rotas. Read more on
A las buenas y a las malas
Llegaremos a tiempo
Tú eres mi suerte
Hago saber
Vino el sol
Lo que quiero y lo que no
A las buenas y a las malas
Para nada
Se fue
Con viento a favor
Sirenas de ciudad
El aguacero