Rolfe Kent

Rolfe R. Kent (born 1963) is a British-born film score composer. Rolfe Kent was born in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK, he has no formal musical training, but always loved sound and music, and at 12 decided he'd like to be a film scoring composer. By playing in a series of terrible bands (to whose awfulness he was a potent contributor) he did his film scoring career no good at all, so he stopped and wrote music for theatre instead, and then started composing for student films.

Most popular scores

Wedding Crashers
Wedding Crashing
Claire's Theme
Not That Young
The Cleary Waltz (Seeing Claire for the First Time)
Boats, Bodily Fluids & A Little Football
Gloria and Jeremy Connect
All Tied Up With Todd
Sack Plots Against Todd
Sailing With John and Claire
Quail Hunt
Gloria, Rope, a Sock and Duct Tape
Claire, a Beach and John
The Crashers Masked and Expelled
John the Waiter - Sacks's Beating
Claire's Tears
Winning Claire Back
Asphalt Groovin'
Constantine Snaps His Fingers
Lonely Day
Wine Safari
Miles' Theme
Los Olivos
Chasing the Golfers
Walk to Hitching Post
Abandoning the Wedding
Slipping Away as Mum Sleeps
Bowling Tango
I'm Not Drinking Any #@%!$ Merlot!
Miles and Maya
Charlie St. Cloud
Sam and Charlie
Finding Sam
Charlie's Gift
The Querencia
The Brothers
I Can Cook
A Map and a Kiss
You Didn't Die
Tess Is Missing
To Sea
The Hard Choice
Sunset Goodbye
Finding and Holding
Back on the Water
I Promise
Reign Over Me
Learning What Has Happened to Charlie
Alan's Parents
Disturbed by Questions
Can He Come Out?
Coffee in Grand Central Station
The Loss of a Father
Remar's Scent
Alan Recognizes.../Breakfast Alone With the Family
The Desire to Help
Taxi Stand-Off
There's Going to Be a Hearing/I Hated Kitchen Talk
Playing Colossus
So Broken
New Life
Alan Opens Up
Pictures in Court
Charlie's Theme
Remar's Theme
Alan and Charlie
A Lonely Life
The Men Who Stare at Goats
Opening Titles: A Run at the Wall
From Ann Arbor to War
Lyn Shows the New Earth Army Manual / Bill's Epiphany
Bill's Speech
Cloudbursting on the Road
Hitching a Ride / We are Jedi
The Echmaer Technique
Escaping the Kidnappers
Gas Station Shootout
A Night at Mahmoud's
Without Bill the Jedi Changed
Desert Ride
There is No Mission? / The Goat Lab
Lyn Stares at the Goat
The Base, and Bill
Do you Believe in Redemption
Jedi Prayer
LSD in the Water
Releasing the Goats
Writing the Story
About Schmidt
The Adventurer
Telling Ndugu About the Family
About Schmidt
Schmidt Went to Denver
Randall's Room
Guilty Escaping the Rusks
Helen Goes, Schmidt Stays
Of Life After Helen
The Fury of Schmidt
Shopping With Schmidt
Missing Helen
Riverside Prayer
Dinner With Randall's Relatives
Schmidt Revisited His Alma Mater
Schmidt at the Wedding
Omaha Return
Ndugu's Painting
What I Really Want to Say
The End Credits of About Schmidt
Constantine and Warren
African Beat
Ndugu Letter
Interview With Director and Composer
The Hunting Party
The Hunting Party Hits the Road
"The Doctor Is Everywhere"
Duck Reunited With Simon
The Drive Up to Celebici
Telling of the Fox
Persuading Duck
How Simon Met Martha
A Killer Called Srdjan
Back to Sarajevo
The Fox Hunts; Foca... "Don't Touch Him!"
Boris & The UN Conspiracy
Simon Discovers Marta in the Rubble
She's Gone; Simon's Loss
Pursuit of the Orange Cars
Meeting Boris in the Tunnel
Fooling the Informant
Deadly Ride
Trust Nobody
Bound, Gagged, and Ready to Die
Airlifted Out... And Running Back In
Catch and Release
I Fought the Law
Barra Barra
Putsi, Putsi Modu
The Juicer
It's a Bad Situation in a Beautiful Place
Village Song
17 again
Opening (Game Theme)
Scarlett (Scarlett Theme)
Mike Realises
The Big Promotion
Mike Is Wistful
Mike Sees the Janitor
Mark and Ned Fight
Tracking the Janitor / The Trail
Mark Starts School
Stan Appears
It's Not About Basketball
Sex Ed
Stan Beats Up Mark
Scarlett's Garden
Alex Saves the Game
Mark Cheers Maggie
Elfish at Dinner
Punch / Deer and Lioness
Manchild Kiss
Race to the Courthouse
I Lost My Way
Mark Practices
Suddenly She Knows
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Radio Chat / The Streets of New York
"The Horn of Africa"
Popper's Life / Reginald and the Will
A Live Penguin
To the Tavern and Van Gundy
Captain Runs a Bath
Trying to Get Rid of Captain
A New Host of Penguins
The Man From the Zoo
Of Sleep and Soccer
Penguins' Uncanny Tracking Ability
Guggenheim Pandemonium
What Advice Have You Got, Dad
Training the Birds
Dresses, Daughters, and Eggs
Showing Amanda the Eggs
Skating Date
Whoever Has the Fish
Kent and His Camera Phone
Eggs Hatching / Captain Waits
Popper's Gone Crazy
Life Without Penguins
The Lost Letter, and Popper Has a Plan
The Escape From the Zoo
A Race to the Tavern on the Green
Challenge at the Tavern - Come to Popper!
A Family in Antarctica
Les 108 Rois-Démons
Rest at the Red Temple
An Attack
Prince Duan Watches Spirits
Drowning Lin Chong
Meeting Blackstorm
Politicians 2
Yellow Viper
Ratpack Forms
Cai Jing & Gao
Pier on River
Scary Shadows 2
Enter the Celestrial Zhang
The Misty Forest
Pei Pei
Climbing Up a Mountain to See Nothing
Duan Going Through Years Seasons and Landscapes
Evening Fire
Snow Battle
Duan and Naked Viper
Aftermath of Li - Cai Jing's Cannon
The Demon's Cocktail Party
Cai Jing Disturbs a Stroll
Duan Won't Leave
Army Massing
Duan and Pei Pei Romance
Balletic Action Waltz
Archer Action
Death of Gao
The Heroes Revealed
Outlaws Celebrate
Kate and Leopold
I Want Him Resplendent
Leopold & Charlie Buy Flowers
Secret Drawer
Time for Bed
Kate Goes to the Awards
"You Have to Cross the Girder"
Leopold Chases Stuart to Booklyn
That Was Your Best
Charlie Realizes Leopold Was for Real
A Clock in New York
Let's Go!
Leopold Sees the Completed Bridge
"You Did so Great" (Kate's Theme)
"Dearest Kate..."
Charlie Wins Patrice, Leopold Wins Kate
Kate Sees the Pictures - "I Have to Go"
Back in 1876 - Waltz
Back Where I Belong