Robert Farnon


Most popular scores

Overlord / The Disappearance / Hustle
Overlord: Premonition
Hustle: Main Title (Maya’s Theme)
Overlord: Tom
Hustle: Cash, Cash, Cash
Overlord: A Long Walk
Hustle: Meeting
Overlord: Prisoner
Hustle: Gifts
Overlord: The Fall
Hustle: You’re Beautiful
Overlord: “We Don’t Know Where We’re Going”
Hustle: I’ll Call
Overlord: Corfe Castle / A Kiss
Hustle: Maya’s Theme
Overlord: “We Don’t Know Where We’re Going”
Hustle: Makeover
Overlord: Called Away / Waiting to Go
Hustle: The Gaff / Portrait
Overlord: Preparing the Dead
Hustle: Partners/Who Are You?
Overlord: Premonition / Sacrifice / End Title
Hustle: Dizzy / Double Cross / Handle Her
Overlord Alternates: 3M1
Hustle: People Kill People
Overlord Alternates: 8M3X
Hustle: Goodbye Corinna / More Than Money / Playing Us
Overlord Alternates: “We Don’t Know Where We’re Going” (indtrumental version)
Hustle: Police / You’re Dead
Overlord Alternates: 8M2
Hustle: Best Interest / Have a Good Life / End Title (Maya’s Theme)
The Disappearance: The Disappearance / Burbank Called
The Disappearance: From the First
The Disappearance: Cheever
The Disappearance: You Need Me
The Disappearance: Arrival / Anger / Name the Shy
The Disappearance: Memory / You’re My Wife
The Disappearance: Follow / Personal Touch
The Disappearance: Don’t Ever Stop
The Disappearance: Death Us Do Part / End Credits
Colditz March / State Occasion / The Westminster Watz / A Star Is Born
Portrait of a Flirt
How Beautiful Is Night
Melody Fair
A la claire fontaine
The Peanut Polka
In a Calm (No. 2 of Three Impressions for Orchestra)
Gateway to the West
Jumping Bean
Pictures in the Fire
Little Miss Molly
Colditz March
A Star Is Born
The Westminster Waltz
Manhattan Playboy (No. 3 of Three Impressions for Orchestra)
Lake in the Woods
State Occasion
Dark Lands
P.P.M. Pulse
Big Brother Is Watching
Strength to Strength
Anyway the Wind Blows
Funk in Sync
The Dark Lands
The Suburban Jungle
Dressed to Impress
Sloane Clubbers
Our Island Home
Time Out
Portrait of the West
On the Trail
Home on the Range
Open Skies
Away Out West
They Called the Wind Maria
Wyoming Lullaby
Colarado Trail
Theme From the New World Symphony
Gateway to the West
Shalako (Original Motion Picture Sound Track)
Pete Wells Death
Apaches' Dawn Attack
Irena-Love Scene
Lady Daggets' Desertation
Main Titles
Apaches' Pursuit of Shalako
Stagecoach Ambush/Lady Daggets' Death
Shalako-Chato Duel
To a Young Lady - The Sensuous Strings of Robert Farnon
The Touch of Your Lips
To a Young Lady
Isn't It Romantic
La Casita Mia
Moonlight Becomes You
When I Fall in Love
Two Cigarettes in the Dark
I'm in the Mood for Love
Hey There
Something to Remember You By
Just a Memory
Alone Together
Captain Horatio Hornblower, R.N / Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra
Captain Horatio Hornblower, R.N.
Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra
The Music of Robert Farnon - Piano Playtime
Jumping Bean
Lazy Day
Little Miss Molly
In a Calm
Poodle Parade
Portrait of a Flirt
Mid Ocean
Bird Charmer
Summer Love
Westminster Waltz
Canadian Impressions
Gateway to The West
Main Street
A La Claire Fontaine
Pow Wow
Prairie Sunset
Alcan Highway
Ottawa Heights
Lake of The Woods
Mountain Grandeur
Canadian Caravan
Jumping Bean
Westminister Waltz