Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League (PPL) is one of the earliest and most successful country rock bands in history. Pure Prairie League and the Eagles are two groups often credited with bringing the country rock genre to a national music audience, with PPL being best known for their iconic 1972 hit "Amie". Having a frequently melodic, ballad-driven sound, PPL's roots can be found in Waverly, Ohio. In that city, from about 1964 to 1969, guitarist/singer-songwriter Craig Fuller Read more on Last.fm
All in Good Time
Gettin' Over You
I Sure Do Miss You Now
Don't Go Confessing Your Love
Walking in My Sleep
Nothing Like the Lonely
Here Tomorrow, Gone Today
Meant to Be
That Changes Everything Again
One of Those Things
Cajun Girl
The Cost of Doing Business
If You Could Say What I'm Thinking (bonus live Track)
Something In The Night
Don't Keep Me Hangin'
Love Me Again
Hold On To Our Hearts
Something In The Night
Do You Love Me Truly, Julie?
You're Mine Tonight
I Wanna Know Your Name
Feel The Fire
Tell Me One More Time
Firin’ Up
I’m Almost Ready
Give It Up
Too Many Heartaches in Paradise
She’s All Mine
You’re My True Love
Let Me Love You Tonight
I Can’t Stop This Feelin’
Lifetime of Nighttime
I’ll Be Damned
Janny Lou
Can't Hold Back
I Can't Hold Back
I Can't Believe
Rude Rude Awakening
White Line
Misery Train
Restless Woman
I'm Goin' Away
Livin' It Alone
Fool Fool
Goodbye So Long
Just Fly
Place in the Middle
Slim Pickin's
Love Will Grow
You Don't Have to Be Alone
Love Is Falling
Just Fly
Working in the Coal Mine
My Young Girl
Bad Dream
If the Shoe Fits
That'll Be the Day
I Can Only Think of You
Long Cold Winter
Lucille Crawford
Gimme Another Chance
Aren't You Mine
You Are So Near to Me
Out in the Street
Goin' Home
In the Morning
All the Way
Livin' Each Day at a Time
Fade Away
Tornado Warning
Help Yourself
San Antonio
All the Lonesome Cowboys
Two Lane Highway
Kentucky Moonshine
Kansas City Southern
Sister's Keeper
Just Can't Believe It
Give Us a Rise
I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle
Pickin' to Beat the Devil
Pure Prairie League
Take It Before You Go
You're Between Me
Doc's Tune
Country Song
Brand New Harmony Songs
It's All on Me