Phantom Planet

Phantom Planet is a frequently evolving four-piece alternative music band based out of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, United States that achieved fame for its track California, which went on to become the theme song for the popular Fox TV series, The O.C. (now canceled). Phantom Planet also performed a cover of Jackson Browne's Somebody's Baby for Not Another Teen Movie. Big Brat was also introduced in the video game soundtrack, Driv3r (Driver 3). Read more on
Limited Edition Tour EP
Phantom Planet
The Happy Ending
Badd Business
Big Brat
1st Things 1st
Making a Killing
You’re Not Welcome Here
By the Bed
The Meantime
Building Up/Cutting Down
Crashing Your Party
In the End
This Heart of Mine
Do the Panic
To Be Taken Seriously
Words You Had Hold Of
Fine on My Own
Cross Eyes
Waiting Around
Get Into It
The Galleria
Don't Cry Erika
Hotel 72
Peace and Quiet
Here I Am
Graveyard of the Fireflies
Negatives 2
Jabberjaw (Home demo)
I Got Love
God Must Have Put Your Heart in Wrong
It's Over
Alpine Romance (instrumental)
Submarine Song (instrumental)
Come Back to Your Tomb (instrumental)
For Now Goodbye
March of the Spiders (instrumental)
Hollywood Is Waiting to Explode
Outta Site
Same to You
Mega Bros Theme Song
Best Band
The Snake
I Think I Can (instrumental)
Phantom Planet Is Missing
I Was Better Off
Recently Distressed
Can't Take It
The Local Black and Red
Don't Get Down
Dying of Silence
Down in a Second
Rest Easy
Sleep Machine