Pat Green

Pat Green was born in San Antonio and raised in Waco, Texas, the eighth of nine siblings. His father was a stage actor, and Green fell in love with the musicals his father acted in. Green began his musical career when he was 18 and in college at Texas Tech in Lubbock. "I started playing guitar to pick up the chicks," Green laughs. "Before that, I only sang in the shower. I could mimic other people's voices. It took me a long time to find my own voice, but once I did, I became very comfortable with it. Read more on
Break It Back Down
Girls From Texas
Bet Yo Mama
Right Now
While I Was Away
May the Good Times Never End
Life Good as It Can Be
No One Here but Us
I'll Take This House
I Go Back to You
Day One
Good Night in New Orleans
Songs We Wish We'd Written II
All Just To Get To You
Streets Of Galilee
Jesus On A Greyhound
Even The Losers
If It Weren't For You
The World I Know
If I Had A Boat
I Am Too
What I'm For
Footsteps of Our Fathers
What I'm For
In This World
In It for the Money
In the Middle of the Night
Way Back Texas
Love Like That
Dixie Lullaby
Feels Just Like It Should
Missing Me
Virginia Belle
Finder's Keepers
Won't Let Love
Lost Without You
I'm Trying to Find It
Love Had Something to Say
Learn How to Live
Sleeping With the Lights On
Songs We Wish We'd Written
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way
It's a Great Day to Be Alive
I'd Have to Be Crazy
Ain't Leavin' Your Love
Stuck in the Middle With You
Live Forever
Crazy Wind
Red Bandana
Delia's Gone
Can't Find My Way Home
George's Bar
Songs About Texas
George's Bar
Snowing on Raton
Going Away
Ballad of Arkansas Dave Rudebaugh
1-900 Lover
John Wayne and Jesus
Just Fine
Trailer Park Tune
Adios Days
If I Had a Million
Dancehall Dreamer
Here We Go
Down to the River
I Like Texas
Dancehall Dreamer (feat. Jack Ingram)
The Bottle
Rain in Lafayette
West Texas Holiday
Going Down in Style
Family Man
Southbound 35
One for the Road
Pat & Jack's Blues