Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost (formed in 1988 in Halifax, UK) began as one of the premier bands of the death doom metal genre (along with their former Peaceville labelmates Anathema and My Dying Bride) and pioneered the sound of early gothic metal. In the late 1990s they evolved to a more mainstream synth rock style, only to come full-circle back to their doom metal and gothic metal roots on recent releases. Ironically, the band is almost unknown in their home country Read more on
The Plague Within
No Hope in Sight
An Eternity of Lies
Punishment Through Time
Beneath Broken Earth
Sacrifice the Flame
Victim of the Past
Flesh From Bone
Cry Out
Return to the Sun
Tragic Idol
So Much Is Lost
Nothing Sacred
In All Honesty
Ordinary Days
It's Too Late
Permanent Solution
Behind the Grey
Made the Same
Year of Summer
Draconian Times
Gothic EP
Gothic (mix)
Rotting Misery (Doom dub)
Breeding Fear (Demolition dub)
The Painless (mix)
Lost Paradise
Deadly Inner Sense
Paradise Lost
Our Saviour
Frozen Illusion
Breeding Fear
Lost Paradise
Internal Torment II