Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land is a progressive metal band from Petah Tikva, Israel, formed in 1991. They combine oriental elements and traditional Jewish folk music with slow doom/death metal. Orphaned Land is a doom/death band at its core, but they are highly influenced by the folk music and tradition of the Oriental Jews (Mizraḥim), making their sound much more progressive than typical doom/death bands. Their album Sahara (1994) was the first to include a combination of death metal and traditional oriental music. Read more on Last.fm
The Holy Land of Kna’an
The Angel of the Lord
Naked – Sarah and Abraham
The Burning Garden – Sarah and Hagar
Naked – Abraham
A Tree Without No Fruit – Sarah
There Is No God for Ishma’el
The Vision
A Dove Without Her Wings – Hagar
The Loneliness of Itzhak
Fruits From Different Trees – Ishma’el and Itzhak
Prisoners of the Past
The Calm Before the Flood (Ararat remix)
Building the Ark (demo)
The Kiss of Babylon (The Sins) (demo)
The Beloved's Cry
Seasons Unite
Above You All
Pits of Despair
The Beloved's Cry
My Requiem
Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside