Orden Ogan

The fantasy-power-metal band Orden Ogan was founded by Sebastian Grütling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (vocals, guitar) in 1996. They released two demos called "Into Oblivion" and "Anthem to the Dark Side" in 1997 and 98 and a year later they recorded their first self- financed and self- produced full-length "Soli Deo Gloria". In 2004 the second album "Testimonium A.D.", also self- financed, followed and despite not being full-time musicians Read more on Last.fm
Orden Ogan
The Lake
Evil Lies in Every Man
Here At The End Of The World
A Reason To Give
Deaf Among The Blind
Sorrow Is Your Tale
In Grief And Chains
Too Soon
To the End
The Frozen Few
To the End
The Things We Believe In
Land of the Dead
The Ice Kings
Till the Stars Cry Out
This World of Ice
Dying Paradise
Mystic Symphony
Angels War
Easton Hope
Rise and Ruin
Nobody Leaves
Easton Hope
Welcome Liberty
All These Dark Years
Nothing Remains
We Are Pirates
The Black Heart
Of Downfall and Decline
Grave's Bay
To New Shores of Sadness
Winds of Vale
Reality Lost
This Is!
This Was...
Something Pretending
The Lords of the Flies
...and if You Do Right
What I'm Recalling
A Friend of Mine
The Candle Lights
(Who's the) Green Man?
Testimonium A.D.
Testimonium A.D.
Ethereal Ocean
Angels War
Y, U, Id Ant My
The Step Away