There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Opus is an Austrian pop-rock group which was formed in 1973. In 1984 they released "Live Is Life" which topped the charts in many countries, and a live recording of the song even made the Top 40 in the USA in 1986. It remains popular as a sing-along song for crowds at sports events in Europe. A cover version was also performed by the Slovenian band, Laibach. Opus is still active, but have not enjoyed the same success since "Live Is Life", and are generally considered a one-hit wonder. Read more on Last.fm
Opus & Friends
Introduction Opus
Waitin’ for a Call From You
Live Is Life
Sunny the Hero
Double Bubbles
Introduction EAV
Up and Down
Geh’ Opa mach kein Zirkus (Opuspocus)
Introduction STS
Introduction "Go Karli Go"
Go Karli Go
Kalt und Kälter
Keep Your Mind
Again and Again
Follow Me
Flyin’ High
Introduction Falco
Introduction Maria Bill
Rock Me Amadeus
Hand in Hand
Gezeichnet fürs Leben
Introduction "There is need for"
Warum (Austria for Africa)
There Is No Need For
Live Is Life
Introduction KGB
Why Don’t You Dance
Introduction Wilfried
Telephone Terror / My Blue Suede Shoes
Introduction "Südwind"
Love, God & Radio
City of Angels
Hands in the Air
Just for Fun
Radio Is God
When I Met You
How Can I Exist
Born to Die Young
Hey Now
All I Wish
All I Want Is You
Born to Win
Don't Say Goodbye
Live Is Life 2008
Live Is Life 2008 (feat. Jerry) [Reggae Version]
Live Is Life 2008 (Rock Version)
Live Is Life 2008 (feat. Jerry) [Reggaeton Version]
Touch the Sky
Walkin' On Air
Gimme Love
Time of My Life
Walkin' On Air
Crazy World
Love Is a Drug
Bye Bye
Happy to Be
Chin Up
Another Day