On Thorns I Lay

On Thorns I Lay is a band from Athens, Greece. Began under the name Paralysis (Grc) in 1992, changed their name to Phlebotomy in 1993 and then finally to On Thorns I Lay in 1995. Some of the members are Romanian, although they started out as a fully Greek group. The band has been credited with playing various styles of music during their career, most prominently being death doom metal, gothic doom metal and hard rock. 2006: According to the new Read more on Last.fm
Life Can Be
Poster on a Wall
Afraid to Believe
Unsung Songs
Lack in Resorts
Gallant Nights
When I'm Gone
Rampant of K-ism
Dawn of Loss
Quotation for Listening
Sick Screams
A Light in Paradise
Deep Thoughts
Moving Cities
Black Cold Nights
Neverending Hope
Future Narcotic
Future Narcotic
The Threat of Seduction
Feed Her Lust
Ethereal Blue
Heaven's Passager
Back to That Enigma
The K Song
Fraqrance From Planets of Delight
Sd 2001
Space Avenger
Fear and Love
Virtual Limit
Back to Earth
Oxcilarating Sensations
Crystal Tears
Atlantis I
In Heaven's Island
Atlantis II
Atlantis III
If I Could Fly
The Blue Dream
Sounds of Beautiful Experience
Voluptuous Simplicity of the Line
All Is Silent
A Sparrow Dances
A Dreamer Can Touch the Sky
Rainy Days
Sunrise of a New Age
One Thousand Times
Ταξιδι Νοσταλγιας