Omar Khairat

Omar Khairat (Arabic: عمر خيرت) was born in Cairo and belongs to an artistic family. His uncle Abu Bakr Khairat, a music composer, was the founder of of the Music Academy and was its first Dean. In 1959, Omar joined the Academy and studied the piano and musical theory. After graduating, he continued his studies at Trinity College in London. In parallel, he became involved with international popular music and jazz and played the drums for one of the top bands in Cairo, "Le Petit Chats". Read more on
The Modern Women
The Modern Women (1)
Pains of the Sole
Grand Children in Conflict
Time of the Forbidden
The River of Fear
Escape (1)
Insufficient Evidence
The Modern Women (2)
Escape (2)
Alah Ya Alah
In the Depth of Night
Bangles (The Beginning)
No More Talk
The Stranger
Bangles (The End)
A Storm in Spring
Young Wives (1)
Homely Secrets
Young Wives (2)
A Date with Destiny
Panorama October
The Soul Of October
The Fox
Egypt... The Purest
Egyptian Overture
The Soul Of October (2)
Every Arab Land
Panorama (The Full Version)
Second Meeting
The Second Meeting (1)
In The Depth Of Night
The Days
Infatuation (1)
The Rotating Time
No More Talk
Infatuation (2)
The Second Meeting (2)
The Stranger
Bangles (1)
Young Wives
Homely secrets
A Date With Destiny
Bangles (2)
The Sorceress & The Magical Perfumes
Sorceress And The Magical Perfumes
Descendants in Conflict
Women Tramps
Love Also Die
The Vision
Infatuation (1)
The Days
Infatuation (2)
The Rotating Time
Infatuation (3)
The Second Meeting (1)
The Second Meeting (2)
This Man
A Place In The Heart (1)
The Broken Road
The Forbidden Times
A Place In The Heart (2)
Am Ahmed
The Snake
Executing The Dead
Am Ahmed Case (2)
The Snake (2)
The Maid
Arabian Rhapsody
Slumber In Honey
The Meeting
Love And Aggression
100 Years Of Cinema
The Era Knights
The Terrorist (Love Scene)
Law Of Islam
Arabian Rhapsody (1)
Arabian Rhapsody (2)
Mrs Hikmat's Conscience
Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience (1)
You are My Life
The Miser
Sweet Bileels
Every Arab Land
The eternal river
What's Going On?
Something Strange
Hell Under Water
Do You Know?
Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience (2)
Mrs. Hikmat's Conscience (3)
Egypt... the Purest Heart
Silent Night
A brave woman
A fearless heart
Fatma (Repeat)
Fatma (Repeat)