Obituary is one of the pioneering bands of the death metal genre. The band came from Tampa, Florida, and was founded as Executioner in 1985, and then changed their name to Xecutioner to avoid confusion with the other one. In 1988, shortly before the release of their first album "Slowly We Rot", they changed their name to Obituary. Obituary is considered an influential band in the Florida death metal movement that arose in the late 1980s. The 1990 Read more on
Sentence Day
A Lesson in Vengeance
End It Now
Kneel Before Me
It Lives
Turned to Stone
Straight to Hell
Ten Thousand Ways to Die
No Hope
Ten Thousand Ways to Die
Ten Thousand Ways to Die
Redneck Stomp (live - The Mayan - Los Angeles)
Centuries of Lies (live - The Masquerade - Atlanta)
Visions in My Head (live - Baltimore Soundstage - Baltimore)
Intoxicated (live - Revolution Center - Boise)
Bloodsoaked (live - Irving Plaza - New York)
Dying (live - Metro - Chicago)
Find the Arise (live - Opera House - Toronto)
Til Death (live - House of Blues - San Diego)
Don't Care (live - club Red - Phoenix)
Chopped in Half-Turned Inside Out (live - The Ritz Ybor - Tampa)
Slowly We Rot (live - Revolution live - Fort Lauderdale)
Inked In Blood
Centuries of Lies
Violent by Nature
Pain Inside
Visions in My Head
Back on Top
Inked in Blood
Deny You
Within a Dying Breed
Minds of the World
Out of Blood
Paralyzed With Fear
Left to Die
Forces Realign
Dethroned Emperor
Slowly We Rot (2008 Re Recording)
World Demise
World Demise
Burned In
Final Thougths
Boiling Point
Set in Stone
Kill for Me
Killing Victims Found