It all started on the 12 of May 1998, when Freddy and Jake were sitting in a car on their way to Motala to watch the Gamma Ray/ Iron Saviour gig that was going to take place later on that evening. From the carstereo you could hear classics such as old Helloween, Maiden, Priest and many others. The guys both thought that it was a bad thing that there were so few bands theese days playing this kind of melodic speed/heavy metal from the 80´s so they started to talk about forming a band just like this. Read more on
Illusion's Parade
Walk of Pain
The Art of Deception
The Mariner
Eclipse Ov the Suncult
Broken Soul (Virgin Mary)
Illusion's Parade
Armageddon Forever
Time for Madness
Welcome to Living
Wall of Anger
Until the End
Demaon Voices
MDCC A.D., Part I
MDCC A.D., Part II
No Trace of Madness
Not Only Women Bleed
Death by My Side
The Untouchables
Never Turning Back
Your Betrayal
The Reaper's Image
One Step Away
Cuts Like Blades
One World to Live In
I Am Free
The Third Prophecy
Far Too Strong
Randall Flag
Those Things You Did
The Future Will Show
If We Believe (in Our Dreams)
Revenge Is Mine
HMS Ulysses
In Harmony
Towards the Sleep (Stalingrad)
One for All, All for One (live)
The Prophet of Evil
The Prophet of Evil
Hymn to These Lands
Evil Prophecies
Requiem (I Will Honour Thy Name)
In Prison
The Escape
The Power's in Your Hands
Gathering Resistance
Scream of Anger
Words of Nostradameus
Words of Nostradameus
The Vision
Out of This World
Nightmare Prophecy
Without Your Love
Master of the Night
Black Fate
The Crown's Inn
Brother in Chains
One for All, All for One
The Oath
Heart of Stone