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Nirvana is an alternative rock band from America that formed in 1987 in Washington. Originally, the band consisted of Kurt Cobain on vocals and guitar and Krist Novoselic on bass. During the early stage of their career, they struggled to find the right fit for a drummer and went through a number of players such as Chad Channing. In 1988, Nirvana released their first single entitled Love Buzz followed with their debut album Bleach the following year. The album got a lot of attention from college radio. Whilst recording their second album, the band found drummer Dave Grohl. In 1991, they released their album Nevermind which was a success. Smells Like Teen Spirit was the first single from the album and as its popularity grew, it launched the record. By 1992, the band’s popularity and success were hard for them to handle and Cobain was rumoured to be taking heavy doses of heroin. The making of their following album was slow-moving. Therefore, they released a compilation album entitled Incesticide. After several performances which followed the album, the band started becoming famous for the trashing of their instruments at the end of the shows. In 1993 In Utero, their third album came out. The album was contrastingly different from their previous but claimed first place in the Billboard 200. In the beginning of 1994, Cobain struggled with psychological problems and suicide attempts. This resulted in the cancelling of many concerts. He died later that year from a shotgun wound in the head. The band released an acoustic album which was the audio recording of their performance on MTV unplugged after Cobain’s death as well as a video album Live! Tonight! Sold Out!. In 1996, the live album From The Muddy Banks of the Wishkah came out and peaked at number one in the billboard charts. In 2002, a compilation titled Nirvana was released. It featured a song that had not been heard by the audience ever before called You Know You’re Right. Many other releases followed such as With The Lights Out (box set), Sliver (the best of the box) and Icon (Greatest Hit Collection). Both remaining members of the band decided to pursue separate projects. Novoselic played in bands such as Sweet 75 and Eyes Adrift while Grohl is mostly known for his work with the band Foo Fighters for which he is the founder and frontman (as well as singer, guitarist, and songwriter).