Nine Black Alps

Nine Black Alps are a post-grunge/indie rock quartet from Manchester, England, named after a line in a Sylvia Plath poem and fronted by Sam Forrest. From their inception in late 2003, the band's energetic live performances earned them a hardcore fanbase after playing for only a few months on the Manchester music scene. In 2004 the band were signed to Island records and spent the year touring the UK and recording their first studio album with producer Rob Schnapf in Los Angeles. Read more on
Candy for the Clowns
"Supermarket Clothes"
"Something Else"
"Morning After"
"Come Back Around"
"Not in My Name"
"Destroy Me"
"Take Me Underground"
Be My Girl
Don’t Forget to Breathe
My One and Only
Living in a Dream
Waiting Room
Hand Me Down
Penny Cinderella
Away From Me
Find It My Own Way
What You Wanted
Another World
Locked Out From the Inside
Vampire in the Sun
Salt Water
Every Photograph Steals Your Soul
Cold Star
Full Moon Summer
Silence Kills
Along for the Ride
Ghost in the City
Everytime I Turn
Pet Hate
Future Wife
Heavier Than Water
So in Love
Forget My Name
Under the Sun
Glitter Gulch EP
Over the Ocean
Illana Song
String Me Along
Never Coming Down